​Frequently Asked Questions

Our store opens daily at 7am and closes at 10pm

 We are open every day of the year, including holidays!

Clothes need to be in the washer by 8:30pm. 

Note:  Machines will not be allowed to start new washes after 8:35pm. All washes started prior to this time will be completed without interruption. 

Yes, our machines have a mobile pay app option.

Total of 26 washers and 22 dryers

General Guideline:  1 load is 10 lb dry clothes

       Washers- There should be space between your clothes and the top of the washer- enough where your fist would fit in.  This allows proper tumbling of clothes and movement of water for best washing results

       Dryers- it is recommended to fill the dryer about half full with clothes. This allows the air to circulate the heat for quickest drying time.

Yes, we have a machine that has soap, stain remover and bleach.

Yes, we have a machine that has laundry bags.

Yes, we offer free wifi to our customers.