Laundromat Services - Coin Operated - Self-Service Laundry - Pacifica and Sausalito

Sunshine Laundry is a self service laundromat in Pacifica.  Brand new washers and dryers were installed February 2019. The new Speed Queen machines use less soap while offering a cleaner, faster wash. There are a variety of sizes to meet your laundry needs. Machines accept coin and credit cards. Wash loads starting at $2.75, dryers starting at $.25 for 4 minutes.  Coming soon, for your convenience, we will be offering additional services including wash and fold, dry cleaning, and commercial services.

Our self-service laundromat includes 26 washing machines and 22 dryers.

Front Load Washers

12 Front Load 20 lbs
8 Front Load 40 lbs
4 Front Load 60 lbs

Top Load Washers

2 Top Load  20 lbs


14 Medium 30 lbs
8 Large 45 lbs

Tips For Best Results With Your Laundry:



  1. Choose the right
    size machine
    Attendants are happy to assist you.



  1. 1 load = 10 lbs
    (Note: clothing should not exceed 10 lbs
    when dry)



  1. Check your pockets - Remove all items from pockets before loading clothes in washer.




  1. Avoid overloading machines -
    Mix large and small items for the
    best wash.




  1. Use Cold Water to reduce shrinking, fading, and bleeding colors. -
    Cold water also uses 50% less energy.