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Sunshine Laundry is a self service laundromat in Sausalito. Brand new washers and dryers with mobile app option - pay with your phone! The new Speed Queen machines use less soap while offering a cleaner, faster wash. There are a variety of sizes to meet your laundry needs. Machines accept coins and mobile app pay.

Wash loads starting at $6.00

Dryers $.25 for 4 minutes.

Available now-

Our self-service laundromat includes 15 washing machines and 14 dryers


  • 30lb $6.00
  • 40lb $7.00
  • 60lb $11.00


  • 30lb $.25 / 4 minutes


No Quarters? No Problem!

We are now making things easier than ever by allowing you to pay for your laundry with your phone.

Speed Queen Payment On Phone Short


Tips For Best Results With Your Laundry:


  1. Choose the right
    size machine
    Attendants are happy to assist you.



  1. 1 load = 10 lbs
    (Note: clothing should not exceed  10 lbs
    when dry)



  1. Check your pockets - Remove all items from pockets before loading clothes in washer.




  1. Avoid overloading machines -
    Mix large and small items for the
    best wash.




  1. Use Cold Water to reduce shrinking, fading, and bleeding colors. -
    Cold water also uses 50% less energy.