Laundry Pick Up & Delivery Service near Sausalito

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Are you too busy to do laundry? Or do you just hate to do it? As you are folding your hundredth sock do you daydream of what you’d rather be doing instead? If this is the case, then let Sunshine Laundry do your laundry for you, so you can spend the day doing something you want to do instead of what you have to do.

Our laundry pick up service is ideal for people who are looking to save time. Our laundry pickup and delivery will come to your home and pick up your laundry right from your doorstep (or whatever area you designate). Then we take it back to our laundromat where we wash, dry, and fold your clothes. Then our laundry delivery service brings your clothes back to you ready to be put back in your drawers. Instead of taking hours, laundry now only takes a few minutes! And if you are looking for dry cleaning pickup near me then look no further.

Our laundry service pickup and delivery in Sausalito will also take your dry cleaning. Our dry cleaning delivery in Sausalito works just like our wash and fold pickup and delivery. You just click on “Schedule a Pickup” and set up an account. It is as easy as ordering take-out. You let us know when you want us to pick up your laundry and/or dry cleaning and we will be there! If you like your clothes washed a certain way you can let us know that too and we will wash your clothes according to your preferences. And you don’t need to be home to use this contactless service. Just leave your clothes in a secure location and tell us where that is, and we’ll grab your laundry bag and/or dry cleaning bag from there.

Our dry cleaning pickup and delivery takes a little longer but it will be worth the wait. And you save yourself another trip! So go ahead and look for dry cleaning delivery near me or laundry service pickup and delivery near me to find us.